Restarant Lûmé

Who they are

LÛMÉ is a representation of “contemporary Melbourne”. Therefore the look they are seeking is a reflection of Melbourne as a creative epicentre and vibrant culture.

With sophistication and refinement, the look will incorporate all things Melbourne from its creative heart to its classical soul.

What we did

Working with both Lûmé and the Melbourne Fashion Industry to offer up and coming designers the opportunity to create the look of Lûmé’s staff that not only compliments the restaurant but also ideal of what they are all about.

A little more

The brief was a starting point and not designed to stifle the creative ability of the designer. Quade & Fiechtner wanted to see really creative interpretations of both Lûmé and Melbourne in the designs.

Why we like them

Working with such a dynamic team they were open to the creative process and allowing designers to be designers.

This approach gave opportunity for real creative design which reflected in the applicants and the final result!

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