Photography & Videography

Peninsula Picnic Social Teaser & Videos

Who they are

The Peninsula Picnic is the most extensive food, wine and music gathering on the Mornington Peninsula. A truly special day showcasing the very best local chefs and restaurants, vignerons and vineyards, growers and producers, orchardists and gourmet store owners. Experience the secrets of the Mornington Peninsula all in one beautiful location.

What we did

Direction, Filming, Editing, Concept Direction, Motion Graphic Editing, Scripting

Social teasers & videos can be viewed here.

A little more

To create a social teaser to get the audience excited about Peninsula Picnic, as well as create a series of interviews to feature chefs that were be showcased at the picnic.

Why we like them

Getting to visit the Mornington Peninsula and meeting the locals was a great incentive to this project, and we had heaps of fun ensuring the day was a great success.

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